Imagine saving $300-$700 on your wedding cake with simple and easy to use tools.

These simple to buy and easy to use tools gives even the most beginner of cake decorators the professional finish you want for your big day.

DIY Wedding Cake Ideas

These tools are the secret that no baker wants the general public to know. The wedding industry is huge dollars, but as an experienced baker I am well aware that you can achieve the same desired look for a fraction of what cake designers charge using the exact same tools!  If you do not have the skill to make a cake and cover it with a simple white fondant simply order the size you need from a baker. If the baker is trying to be forceful and insist on asking the purpose of the cake tell them its for a kids party and you are using plastic toys for  cake toppers. If you want several layers and the baker wont allow you order more than one simply order the other layers from another baker.

To Use StencilsAll you need is a stencil (like the ones below) a new small paint brush and either (a) edible sparkly dust or (b) food colouring mixed with water. Simply hold the stencil on the side of the cake and using your paint brush apply either your dust or colouring.Amazing results in no time and for at least half the cost!

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DIY Wedding Cake Accessories